Two Things Loved or Learned

Athlete running man - male runner in San FranciscoI love when the weather gets warm enough so I can run outside. We are not quite there yet, but I have been able to get a few runs in since February. Otherwise I am stuck on the inside track at the Y, or even worse, on the treadmill. When I run outside, I smell the spring flowers and feel the warm sun on my shoulders, not to mention not having to run in circles. Though I don’t have scenery quite like the guy in the picture, it beats the adolescent basketball game below me at the Y. Speaking of running outside, I am looking forward to the Tar Heel Ten, a 10-mile race I have done 5 times or so.  The course takes you through  campus and downtown Chapel Hill, through beautiful neighborhoods, and ends up in Kenan Stadium. Come and join me there on April 21!


I enjoyed the read and learned a lot from this little book by Tim Challies. He does a great job building the case for WHY we need to do more good works, which goes to our purpose to glorify God in the days he has given us here on the earth. Challies also gives lots of practical tips as to HOW we can be more productive in doing the things that matter. You can read the reviews and order it here.