We are raising adults, not children

Many years ago, my older daughter walked into the bedroom to ask an honest question about meal preparation. “Mom,” she said, “What should I use to serenade the chicken?” I couldn’t resist. I suggested, “Hey, good lookin’ whatcha got cookin’?” I know, I’m a wise guy. After we had pointed out that the word is … Continue reading We are raising adults, not children

God doesn’t make junk

It was a 5th century beauty pageant, plain and simple. As far as we know, there was no talent involved in the competition. There was also no interview portion, sadly, because that would have given the young women an opportunity to talk about world peace or maybe world domination, since that was the order of … Continue reading God doesn’t make junk

This is Leadership 101

A highly paid consultant in a management seminar was listing the qualifications that should be found in a leader. One listener turned to Paul’s description of church leaders in the scriptures and pointed out to the consultant that they were paying an awful lot of money to hear from him what they could have gotten … Continue reading This is Leadership 101