The elephant in the room is Jesus

I attended a panel discussion last week that was advertised with the title, “Good without God.” Knowing that one of the largest-growing groups in the country is the “nones,” those who answer surveys that ask for a religious affiliation that they have none, I wanted to hear what five from academia would say about their … Continue reading The elephant in the room is Jesus


Glad father enjoys fruits of his labor

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to spend the better part of an afternoon with a good friend of mine. I was flying to Kenya and had a six-hour layover in Detroit. So, my friend came and picked me up at the airport, we found a little cafe close by and had a pleasant … Continue reading Glad father enjoys fruits of his labor

Power comes from God

One of the younger members of our congregation, Daisy Pace, said to me last Sunday, “Papa said we didn’t lose our power. We lost our electricity. Power comes from God!” A truer word was never spoken, and that from a 7-year old. It’s one of my favorite memories of last weekend’s ice event that left … Continue reading Power comes from God