Three Things Loved or Learned

Are kids who lie smarter than kids who tell the truth? According to the New York Times this week, they are. Sheesh. I love John Rosemond's response to that nonsense, and the story he tells about how one family dealt with lying by fighting fire with fire! Read it here. I am a big fan … Continue reading Three Things Loved or Learned


It’s a Slow Slide Away From God

There’s something quite contemporary about the book of Amos, even though it was written 760 years before Christ. God sent Amos to speak to the people of Israel, because they had forgotten the Lord. The people in the capital city of Samaria had winter houses and summer houses. They had houses of ivory. They had … Continue reading It’s a Slow Slide Away From God

Three Things Loved and Learned

Did you know that lies travel on Twitter six times more quickly than truth does? That according to a study at MIT. You can read the article by Robinson Meyer, here. Ok, second question: are you at all surprised? I think it was Mark Twain who said that a lie can travel around the world while truth … Continue reading Three Things Loved and Learned

Welcome Home, Billy Graham

I had breakfast with my mom last Friday, two days after Billy Graham met Jesus face to face. While we were eating, Mom said, “Wouldn’t you loved to have been in heaven on Wednesday morning?” Yes. I am sure that was a sight to see, as it is anytime one who belongs to the Lord … Continue reading Welcome Home, Billy Graham

Three Things Loved or Learned

I have always heard in the Christian circles I live in that retirement is not a biblical option. One of my early mentors said, "You can rest in heaven." And, he added, "I'd rather flame out than rust out." That made sense to me, and on one level I agree. The idea that Christians should … Continue reading Three Things Loved or Learned

No Discipline is Pleasant

I heard about a man who put himself through veterinary school by doing taxidermy, you know, stuffing dead animals so people could mount them on the wall. When he finished school he decided to open a business where he could do both, a combination vet hospital and taxidermy shop. The sign outside said, “Either way, … Continue reading No Discipline is Pleasant