Created in His Image!

The last day of creation before God rests is the most important day of creation because it is the day God created mankind. But first, God creates animals and all manner of creeping things. God filled the seas and the sky with fishes and birds of all kinds, and now he fills the earth with … Continue reading Created in His Image!

In the Beginning, God

God is the subject of the first sentence of the Bible. The first three words of the first book of the Bible are a profound affirmation of monotheism over polytheism. The children of Israel have been delivered from the land of pantheism and polytheism, Ra the sun god, Heqet the frog-goddess, and many other Egyptian … Continue reading In the Beginning, God

4 Lessons from ‘21

It has been my custom most years to preach a sermon from my journal at the beginning of a new year. I look back at things I wrote in my journal that the Lord taught me during the previous year and today I share four lessons that meant something to me, and perhaps they will … Continue reading 4 Lessons from ‘21

What a Christmas Present!

Talk about incredible journeys. A few years ago a woman crossed the Atlantic by herself in a rowboat. When I was a boy a man named Neil Armstrong took “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” as he became the first human to step foot on the moon. Hannibal, the Carthaginian General,  … Continue reading What a Christmas Present!

Mild He Lays his Glory by

I heard Frank Turek say at Elon several years ago that the greatest miracle ever performed was creation, because God made something out of nothing. Others say the greatest miracle of all time was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Still others cast their vote for the incarnation. Wayne Grudem wrote, “It is by far the … Continue reading Mild He Lays his Glory by

She taught me how to live, and how to die

When Mom was born on a bitter winter’s day in 1935, the doctor gave her no chance to live. She was two and a half months premature and weighed barely 5 pounds, but her mother waved him off. “Oh, yes she will,” she told the inebriated physician who had come to the house from a … Continue reading She taught me how to live, and how to die