It is not in me!

Pharaoh has two dreams and in the first he was standing by the Nile and in the second he was standing next to a wheat field. Seven fat cows come out of the Nile, where they were probably standing for relief from the heat and the bugs. But right behind the seven fat cows come … Continue reading It is not in me!

The One who Does Not Forget

Joseph found himself in prison one day with two important officers of the king, the chief cupbearer and the chief baker. What do you think of when you hear “cupbearer to a king?” Right, Nehemiah! He had a huge influence the king he served. The cupbearer to a king had many responsibilities, not the least … Continue reading The One who Does Not Forget

Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

A study in dealing with temptation We don’t know how long Joseph was in charge of Potiphar’s whole household before his wife made a move on the young Hebrew slave. But this story of temptation and response to temptation is a powerful one with lessons for all of us. The first thing we see is … Continue reading Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

The Necessary Triumph of Tamar

Genesis 38 is a difficult passage to read and no walk in the park to preach. Why is this story here? I think there are two reasons, the simplest being-- it happened-- and it further illustrates the decline of the covenant family into corruption. The second reason, and the most important one, is that from … Continue reading The Necessary Triumph of Tamar

The Truth Sets Us Free

Joseph’s brothers, ten of the other twelve “tribes” of Israel hated him so much that they conspired together to kill him. Not to beat him or to bully their brother, but to commit murder. It was only Judah’s suggestion, self-motivated though it was, to sell him that spared Joseph’s life. After they sold him to … Continue reading The Truth Sets Us Free

Joseph the Dreamer

Joseph is a favorite biblical character for a lot of people. And he was clearly Moses’ favorite, if the amount of ink he got is any indication. Moses wrote more about Joseph than he did about Abraham, the father of faith and the friend of God! Or Jacob, the man who wrestled with God and … Continue reading Joseph the Dreamer