Where is Sarah?

Remember when three heavenly visitors came to see Abraham and Sarah, and one of them was the Lord himself? They enjoyed a big meal with Abraham that he and Sarah had prepared for them. Then they asked the question.  “Where is Sarah your wife?” This was not a location question, though that is how Abraham … Continue reading Where is Sarah?

God Laughs

If there is anyone in the universe who enjoys laughter, it is God. How do we know God enjoys laughter? Because we enjoy laughter. And we were created in the image of God. Honestly, the person who cannot laugh needs to be prayed for and delivered into holy hilarity. The Bible says laughter is organic … Continue reading God Laughs

God Cut the Covenant

What if I told you to go home, take 5 animals you own, maybe your dog, cat, parakeet, gerbil, and goldfish, and cut them in half and lay the pieces side by side, each half across from the other? You would call the SPCA and report me, right?  But that’s what God told Abraham to … Continue reading God Cut the Covenant

How to Be a Person of Faith

God took Abram outside to help the old man see the promise God made, that he would be the father of a multitude. He told him to count the stars. Look up, Abram, and number the stars! Now in my sometimes-fertile imagination, I see Abram staring at the sky and counting out loud: One, two, … Continue reading How to Be a Person of Faith

Let’s Start with the Babies

In celebration of the Supreme Court decision on June 24 to overturn Roe v. Wade, I went to my files to find columns I had written for the local newspaper about the subject of abortion in the last 20 years. This one is from July 2007. You will see in parentheses where I have edited … Continue reading Let’s Start with the Babies

When Abraham was a Military Leader

Ok, I changed the Father Abraham song. Work with me, here. It now goes like this: “General Abraham, had 138 men…” Ok, a bit clunky. Let’s try this, “General Abraham had just a few men, just a few had General Abraham, and they never lost.” That’s it! Guaranteed classic. They were 1-0. But look, this … Continue reading When Abraham was a Military Leader