Three things loved or learned

I am using Robert Murray M'Cheyne's Read-through-the Bible-plan this year, and I love it. It will take me through the New Testament and Psalms twice, and the Old Testament once. In a normal day you will read 4 chapters, two from the Old and two from the New. If you don't want to read that … Continue reading Three things loved or learned


This is why we love justice

  We have all been behind that person in the grocery store express lane whose cart is loaded to overflowing. You stand there with your one jar of peanut butter and debate with yourself whether to tap him on the shoulder and point at the sign. Or whether to say something subtle like, “Excuse me, … Continue reading This is why we love justice

God has a sense of humor

If you don’t think God likes to laugh, you just need read the book of Esther. Pay special attention to the character named Haman in the story, because he’s the one that really cracks God up. Haman was promoted to No. 2 in the Persian Kingdom, and he definitely thought he was all that and … Continue reading God has a sense of humor