She was one of a kind

One of her granddaughters said she was classy and sassy. I would agree with that. Martha Orcutt was one of those older ladies who could grace a good Easter hat, and the pictures prove it. She was also feisty and funny. Many times when I got up to leave after a visit I would tell … Continue reading She was one of a kind

Gaining strength from one another

The ship Paul was sailing on made three stops before it finally docked for seven days in Tyre. When it did, Paul and Luke and the others traveling with them “sought out the disciples” and stayed with them. There is no mention of Paul preaching in the synagogue or in the streets, though he may … Continue reading Gaining strength from one another

Church Leadership

At Antioch's next national conference for the church, September 12-14, we will offer a Leadership Track on Friday afternoon, from 12:45 until 5:00pm. Lunch will be provided at 11:45 for those who register. The topics we will discuss that afternoon include:  "Leadership," by Jeff Akin; "Fellowship" by Brad Shedd; "Discipleship" by Eric Burd; "Preaching" by Mark … Continue reading Church Leadership

The Lord provides for His people

It was the spring of 2002, and Antioch was looking for a permanent place to meet. We had met in nine different locations for Sunday services, set up chairs and sound equipment for 15 years, and were ready to find a place we could call home. That’s when we saw the for-sale sign on the … Continue reading The Lord provides for His people

Random thoughts just inside the door

As we are just four days into our journey through 2014, I would like to offer a little nudge or two, if I may. First, this is the time of year when many make — and then promptly fail to keep — New Year’s resolutions. Sports psychologist Michael Gervais says it’s because we focus on … Continue reading Random thoughts just inside the door