Beware this dangerous combination

Picture this. The king invites all the men of the capital city into his palace for a feast. He opens his wine cellar and serves them the very best. The men are told they can drink as much as they want. For seven days. Got the picture? Hundreds, maybe thousands of men. Unlimited wine. Nobody’s … Continue reading Beware this dangerous combination

Pursue the Lord!

A famous preacher visited a nursing home and greeted the people who were very glad to see him. Many recognized him and called him by name. One lady did not, and seemed unimpressed with the man. He smiled at her warmly and asked, “Do you know who I am?” She patted his hand and said, … Continue reading Pursue the Lord!

Power comes from God

One of the younger members of our congregation, Daisy Pace, said to me last Sunday, “Papa said we didn’t lose our power. We lost our electricity. Power comes from God!” A truer word was never spoken, and that from a 7-year old. It’s one of my favorite memories of last weekend’s ice event that left … Continue reading Power comes from God