Random thoughts just inside the door

As we are just four days into our journey through 2014, I would like to offer a little nudge or two, if I may. First, this is the time of year when many make — and then promptly fail to keep — New Year’s resolutions. Sports psychologist Michael Gervais says it’s because we focus on … Continue reading Random thoughts just inside the door


Thank you, Pastor Thompson

If you ask Howard Thompson why he wears cowboy boots with his suit, he’ll tell you about growing up in Stigler, Okla. But if you ask him about his passion in life, he will tell you about being a pastor. On Jan. 26, Howard Thompson will preach his last sermon as pastor of Burlington Assembly, … Continue reading Thank you, Pastor Thompson

Don’t be a stalker: Do the Bible

In his book, “Love Does,” Bob Goff writes, “I get paid as a lawyer to collect information and memorize facts, and I’ve gotten really good at it.” What I realized about my faith is that I was doing just that, collecting information and memorizing things about God. I collected pictures and gathered artifacts and bumper … Continue reading Don’t be a stalker: Do the Bible