Thanking God for Jesse

Last Sunday night, if you had looked in section 255 of Bank of America stadium in downtown Charlotte, you would have found two homeboys sipping a Pepsi, taking selfies with their phones, laughing at some crazy fans, and basically just having a great time together. My son had given me tickets to the preseason Panthers … Continue reading Thanking God for Jesse

God has two dwelling places

I don’t even remember what Cindy and I were fighting about now. But I remember what happened to end the fight. It was 11 years ago, in the fall of the year. Jesse was 9 then, and he had already had three “febrile seizures,” where his fever spiked and he went into convulsions. His first … Continue reading God has two dwelling places

Leaders are made, not born

Many of us were given nicknames by siblings or friends when we were young, most of which were not complimentary. “Bucky” comes to mind from my pre-orthodontic days. We still tend to identify people by their flaws or failures, but not always. You will find the remarkable story of a man in the Bible whose … Continue reading Leaders are made, not born

Make it your aim

I have to share a story that my son Micah, who is 26, married, and has two sons, just shared. Here are his words: I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to Praise the Lord and brag on my son for a minute. Last night as we were about to walk out the door to head … Continue reading Make it your aim