The Power of Vision conference

I was privileged to be able to speak recently at a conference in Kansas City on "The Power of Vision." The subtitle was, "How the Generationally Focused Church Can Help Change the World." The good news for you is that you didn't have to fly or drive to Kansas to enjoy these messages. You can … Continue reading The Power of Vision conference

A Strong Warning

I follow Todd Wilson's blog by email and today it contained the following letter that I knew I wanted to share with you. You can read more about Todd and his ministry to families at, When I saw this letter (see below), it broke my heart and brought me to tears - literally.  This is from … Continue reading A Strong Warning

Leaders are made, not born

Many of us were given nicknames by siblings or friends when we were young, most of which were not complimentary. “Bucky” comes to mind from my pre-orthodontic days. We still tend to identify people by their flaws or failures, but not always. You will find the remarkable story of a man in the Bible whose … Continue reading Leaders are made, not born

Are men qualified to teach their children?

I heard a seminary professor say last week, in a discussion on the family integrated church, that he is not sure that all men are qualified to teach their children the Bible. I guess I can thank God that I wasn't sipping a cup of coffee at that time because I probably would  have spewed … Continue reading Are men qualified to teach their children?