A Strong Warning

I follow Todd Wilson’s blog by email and today it contained the following letter that I knew I wanted to share with you. You can read more about Todd and his ministry to families at http://familymanweb.com/


 When I saw this letter (see below), it broke my heart and brought me to tears – literally.  This is from an 11-year old girl whose father is an alcoholic and is rapidly destroying his family.  (She slid the note under his door while he was passed out in his bed.)  My wife has been encouraging his wife for several years now, and his wife is an amazing woman who wants to honor God in her marriage.  But as you can see from this letter, she has been fighting a losing battle as her husband continues to pursue his selfish and addictive behavior.  I am struggling in how to continue to offer them hope, and have been praying that God would break the husband and convict him of what he is doing.  In the past, he was required to go through rehab twice through his employer, and while there was hope and expectation of change, after a short time those hopes were dashed on the rocks of relapse.

 I offer this as a request for others to pray for this husband and father of three.  It is also a warning to men who are toying with sinful pleasures that they know are wrong.  Don’t fall down this slippery slope – the damage you cause to yourself and family are not worth the temporary enjoyment.

~ Lance Y

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