Pressure Cookers of Resentment

The coronavirus has forced many of us to stay home more than we are used to, and that can lead to wonderful or not-so-terrific outcomes. People can tend to get a little touchy, slightly more irritable than normal. Reminds me of a peculiar habit camels seem to have. Read on… William Barclay said, “There may … Continue reading Pressure Cookers of Resentment

Looking for a Less Busy Heart

I wrote this column in a different season, but it has applications for where we are now as a nation and as a people, tempted to give in to fear in the face of a virus. I hope this will be an encouragement to you! Let’s say you are looking at the checkbook and there … Continue reading Looking for a Less Busy Heart

The Grace of God Is a Gift

When I was 15, I finally understood the grace of God for the first time. I wanted to drive more than I wanted to breathe, so I asked my grandmother if I could take her 1969 Mercury Comet convertible, cherry red, out of the garage and drive it into the backyard where I would wash … Continue reading The Grace of God Is a Gift

Go Ahead and Make Their Day

In her book, Twelve Baskets of Crumbs, Elisabeth Elliot writes, “‘Tell it like it is’ is the watchword today. But suppose …it’s actually beautiful? Suppose the boy who does your lawn does is fast, trims it perfectly, and takes care of the tools? Suppose the clerk who waits on you happens to be the most … Continue reading Go Ahead and Make Their Day

God Creates Something where there Is Nothing

“For He commanded and they were created.” That’s what the Bible plainly teaches. When God spoke, He made something out of nothing. It is an astounding thought that we cannot understand, and in an attempt to “unscrew the inscrutable,” men have resorted to myths and fables and lies. The truth is, God spoke to nothing … Continue reading God Creates Something where there Is Nothing

Normal Is Highly Overrated

We are only seven weeks out from Easter. After an Easter sunrise service several years ago, one of the little boys in the church asked me, “Isn’t it about time for the normal people to come?” I laughed as I considered a host of responses to him. There’s the comedienne’s book title that comes to … Continue reading Normal Is Highly Overrated