These all Died in Faith

Sarah lived 127 years, Moses writes here, and she died in Hebron, in the promised land of Canaan, that had not yet been given to the people of God. Sarah was not perfect, as we have seen, and neither was her husband. But she had been Abraham’s faithful companion and wife for at least 100 … Continue reading These all Died in Faith

The Lord will Provide

It is one of the most familiar stories in the Bible and would stand alone as a literary masterpiece. It is a simple story on one level of a test given, accepted, and passed. On another level, it is an astounding study of obedience and faith. And God’s provision. “After these things God tested Abraham.” … Continue reading The Lord will Provide

Abraham Matures in his 90’s

Wait, what? In his 90’s? You have to read Genesis 20 and 21 to see this transformation take place. There are two encounters between Abraham and Abimilech. In the first one, Abraham lied and put his wife and future son of promise in jeopardy, while Abimilech, the pagan king, displayed a stronger sense of right … Continue reading Abraham Matures in his 90’s

Lord, Help me Grow Up!

As the song used to go, “Second verse, same as the first.” Abraham and Sarah lied to the people of Egypt in Genesis 12, and Pharoah took her into his house. The same thing happens again in Genesis 20, this time in Gerar, and Abimilech takes her into his house, presumably to make her a … Continue reading Lord, Help me Grow Up!

Descent into Darkness

Lot and his daughters left Sodom before the fire fell from heaven and moved into Zoar, instead of going where the angels told them to go, to the hills. Lot was afraid he could not make it to the hills. Next thing you know, Lot took his daughters to the hills and moved into a … Continue reading Descent into Darkness