Three Things Loved or Learned

secretsAre kids who lie smarter than kids who tell the truth? According to the New York Times this week, they are. Sheesh. I love John Rosemond’s response to that nonsense, and the story he tells about how one family dealt with lying by fighting fire with fire! Read it here.

liberty-universityI am a big fan of the theater department at Liberty University. Partly because our son, Judah, is a theater major, but also because they really do quality work with young people there, teaching them acting and how to use their talents for the Lord. Cindy and I went to Liberty Tuesday night to see the performances a team of theater students will be presenting in France and Belgium this week and next. I was amazed at the excellence of the plays and skits they will doing on the streets and in churches there, but also with their hearts for the Lord.

young couple of dancers

Who says older people can’t learn to dance? Cindy and I have been taking a class in ballroom dancing for the past three weeks, and we love it. That’s a picture of us in our fancy dance-wear. Just kidding. But we did need to buy some ballroom dancing shoes (who knew?), and I keep telling Cindy I need to get my gold tooth so I can go “daincin’”. You have to know a little about Ernest T. to get that reference. All kidding aside, this class has proven to me that if I can learn how to stumble through the foxtrot or the east coast swing, hey, anybody can do it. Seriously. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the couple teaching the class are national champions in ballroom dancing. And just all-around great people who love teaching and are very patient. We are having a great time, and that’s the best part for me: doing something with my wife that we both enjoy.