Three Things Loved or Learned

Niemowlę-maleńkie stopyDid you know that this past Wednesday there was a “Walk Out for Life” on the campuses of 191 high schools and 81 colleges across the nation? Neither did I, until the day after it happened. Students left their classrooms at 10:00am and walked outside for 17 minutes of prayer and silence, honoring “the 10 children who will violently die during that time at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.” I am thankful for the pro-life young people who are standing up and speaking out on behalf of the unborn. You can read more about this walk out, and the response, or lack thereof, from the mainstream press here.

Kind mit SteinschleuderI loved the podcast segment yesterday on “The World and Everything In It” about free-range parenting. Who knew that there was a movement afoot to encourage parents to let their kids actually spend time outside? And to let their kids figure out things on their own, when they are old enough to do so? It is seen as the opposite of ‘helicopter parenting,’ where a child is smothered and coddled and protected and sheltered to the point that he has a hard time ever growing up. Can we see evidence of that everywhere in the culture? One mom said on the podcast, “We are raising adults, not children.” Amen, and my wife and I said that for the 30+ years we raised ours. Really, this ‘movement’ is nothing new, but an attempt by some to return to what was normal just a couple of generations ago. I hope it succeeds, for the sake of future generations. You can listen to World’s excellent podcast here. It was the April 12 edition.


I had the privilege last week to spend an afternoon judging speeches at an NCFCA event. That’s the “National Christian Forensics and Christian Communication Association.” This organization encourages young people to learn about and compete in speech and debate. Among the eleven different types of presentations, there are platform events, including original oratory and after dinner speaking. Or they may choose extemporaneous speaking, where they are given a current event topic and allowed 20 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech on it, complete with research. Or they can do an apologetics speech, or a ‘duo interpretation,’ where they work with a partner to present a short piece of quality literature. And of course, there are those who love to debate, and they can do Lincoln Douglas, one-on-one debating, or they can work with a partner in Team Policy debate. It is a wonderful resource, this organization, for training young people to think, and write, and speak. I am thankful that three of my children competed in NCFCA events. You can find out more here.

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