Ask for ways to be used by God

Chrissy was at Walmart with her two young sons when a man approached her in the parking lot. “I’m not asking for money,” he quickly assured Chrissy, “I just need something to eat. Can you help?” Chrissy told us later that she always carries a bag of imperishable items in the back of her car for just such an occasion. But this day, she happened to be driving her husband’s car. So, she prayed a quick, silent prayer, and thought about the situation: This man was a total stranger, which meant she could possibly be putting her sons and herself at risk. She did not believe the man to be a threat, however, so she suggested they go inside, where she bought him a meal. As they walked outside and he thanked her, Chrissy asked the man about his life, found out his name was Wayne, and talked to him about the Lord. In the midst of the conversation, she mentioned where she went to church and Wayne’s eyes got wide and his eyebrows shot up. He said, “Do you know Amos? He’s from your church.” She told him she did, and Wayne said that a few hours earlier, a young man by that name had bought him his breakfast. Amos told me later that he went back to talk to Wayne after buying him the meal and said, “I need to tell you that the reason I bought you this food is because I am a Christian.” Amos talked to Wayne about the Lord and invited him to come to church where he would meet others who follow Jesus.
When Chrissy heard this story, she said, “I believe the Lord is after you, Wayne.” He nodded, and agreed it sure did seem that way. She invited Wayne to come to church and went on her way.
John was sitting in his office in Danville, Va., when a man who works on the factory floor walked in and asked if he could talk to him. John had never had a conversation with the man, but John is known in the company as a believer who doesn’t just talk about the Lord, but who walks out his faith every single day. He leads a weekly prayer meeting at the company, counsels men who are struggling with various problems, and is generous with his time and his money to help those in need.
“I need help,” the man began. Then he told the story of his girlfriend who had just given birth to their daughter, born four months too early, weighing only 12 ounces. “I don’t even have enough gas money to get to the hospital in Winston-Salem to see my daughter,” he said. John immediately gave his new friend money for gas, and later that day John and his wife wrote a letter of encouragement to this man and his girlfriend, and enclosed more money to help them. The couple was so moved by this gesture, they invited John and Lorie to come to the hospital last Sunday afternoon to spend time with them, meet their baby girl, and get to know each other. As John shared this through tears at church last week, he said, “I pray every day that God would give me opportunities to practice what James said, that if you know someone has a need and “you do not give them the things that are needed for the body, what does it profit?” God delights in answering that prayer for his people. Ask for ways to be used by God … then keep your eyes open.