Aborted or abandoned?

A student in a public speaking class said one of the reasons she supports abortions is because there are too many children who are being abused or neglected. I asked her after the speech if that meant she believed it is better for a baby to be aborted than abandoned. “Yes,” she said, without blinking. I countered with, “So you honestly believe that no life is better than life that includes suffering, even if it is great suffering?” Again she replied in the affirmative. I expected her classmates to take up the banner for the unborn baby, but no one mumbled a word except one student who suggested that there are a number of people who would like to adopt that baby rather than see it aborted. I agreed with that and then suggested that the real question is, “If none of you would agree with allowing a mother to kill her 6-month old because she is afraid the child may have a difficult life, then what makes it OK to do that a few months earlier, while the baby is still in the womb? What makes an earlier time and a different location justification for murder?”

3 thoughts on “Aborted or abandoned?

  1. The abortion justification doesn’t stop there. If you head down that road then does that mean that we should do away with people with physical or mental disabilities? What about seniors who have declining health? Is suicide a legitimate way out of a tough economic time? Where does the justification end? This lack of value for life and purpose in life runs deep in our culture. May God be merciful.


  2. “too many abused” — any data to go with that phrase “too many”? They kill me with their generalizations, but I’m guessing you encourage them to get the facts!


  3. I have seen that over and over, kids not speaking up with what they really believe .. sad to say it happens far to often. Folks being quiet when we should speak. That’s why we are often called the silent majority.
    But the good news is.. there are those few speak up! Good job to the one who talked about adoption. Good job to teacher that asked probing qstns.


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