How we should prepare for church

How do you prepare for church on Sundays? I don’t mean laying your clothes out the night before, or making sure you have your Bible. I used to prepare on Sunday morning as a child by watching the cartoon, “Davey and Goliath.” Anybody old enough to remember that? I would sit on the sofa with … Continue reading How we should prepare for church


Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking?

  How many of you are nervous about giving speeches? Get the butterflies, sweaty palms, cotton mouth? What’s the answer? Lick your palms! No, the answer first of all is to relax and realize that EVERYBODY gets nervous about giving a speech. It is the number one fear. When people are surveyed every year and asked, “What … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking?

Follow the straight paths of the Lord

I was in the checkout line in the grocery store once and happened to glance at the tabloids beside me and noticed the headline: “Sunbather Bursts into Flame on Beach!” I did a double-take as I considered the ramifications of such an event. I mean, I’ve had some bad days. We all have. But that’s … Continue reading Follow the straight paths of the Lord

The ‘dangers’ of Christianity

Twenty years ago, The New York Times ran a full-page ad for Columbia University. It advertised seven fields of study in which a person can get a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies: American, Ancient, East Asian, Islamic, Jewish, Medieval and South Asian Studies. Richard John Neuhaus spotted this ad and wrote an editorial about … Continue reading The ‘dangers’ of Christianity