The times, they’re not a’changing

What if you were the vice-regent of an empire and the command of the king was that everyone should bow to you? And what if one man in the capital city, a Jew, refused to bow? What would you do? That was exactly the scenario in Susa, circa 478 B.C., when Mordecai would not bow … Continue reading The times, they’re not a’changing


God doesn’t make junk

It was a 5th century beauty pageant, plain and simple. As far as we know, there was no talent involved in the competition. There was also no interview portion, sadly, because that would have given the young women an opportunity to talk about world peace or maybe world domination, since that was the order of … Continue reading God doesn’t make junk

Beware this dangerous combination

Picture this. The king invites all the men of the capital city into his palace for a feast. He opens his wine cellar and serves them the very best. The men are told they can drink as much as they want. For seven days. Got the picture? Hundreds, maybe thousands of men. Unlimited wine. Nobody’s … Continue reading Beware this dangerous combination