Church Leadership

At Antioch's next national conference for the church, September 12-14, we will offer a Leadership Track on Friday afternoon, from 12:45 until 5:00pm. Lunch will be provided at 11:45 for those who register. The topics we will discuss that afternoon include:  "Leadership," by Jeff Akin; "Fellowship" by Brad Shedd; "Discipleship" by Eric Burd; "Preaching" by Mark … Continue reading Church Leadership


This is a day to congratulate others

This morning, my son Judah will cross the stage with 18 other homeschoolers who have completed their high school education. He will receive his diploma from his mom and me, gifts and cards from family and friends, and words of affirmation from many. Some will compliment him on a job well done, pat him on … Continue reading This is a day to congratulate others

God can change the most hardened racist

It’s an amazing story of the conversion of a racist. Peter considered anyone who was not a Jew to be unclean, common, outside the boundaries of God’s reach. Peter wasn’t concerned about keeping Gentiles out of the workplace. No, his racism was much deeper and much more dangerous: He did not want Gentiles to be … Continue reading God can change the most hardened racist