Outside the Greenhouse

I remember when my oldest son, Micah, was about 2 years old. I walked into a room that he had just finished trashing and said, in alarm, “Micah!” He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and in all innocence said, “Wha’ Micah do?” That was 33 years ago. When he was 19, … Continue reading Outside the Greenhouse

Gone to the Dogs?

The Times-News headline several years ago read, “Gone to the dogs: church starts pet service.”  The AP story was about a pastor in Los Angeles who, wanting to add more bottoms in the pews, decided it did not matter how furry those behinds were. He started a service for dogs, “complete with individual doggie beds, … Continue reading Gone to the Dogs?

Keepers of the Springs

A little boy said to the girl next door, “I wonder what my Mother would like for Mother’s Day.” The girl answered, “Well, you could decide to keep your room clean and orderly. You could go to bed as soon as she calls you. You could brush your teeth without having to be told. You … Continue reading Keepers of the Springs

You Can Run but You Cannot Hide

I learned pretty early on in my Christian walk that I could run from God but I could not hide. Like the time I decided to skip church one Wednesday night and watch television at my grandparent’s house. The only problem was, I really needed to have my glasses if I was going to watch … Continue reading You Can Run but You Cannot Hide

Here Are Things We Can Learn While Staying at Home

A mother in Austin, Texas writes, “Here are some important things I have learned from my six-year-old son.  A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 square foot house about four inches deep.  If you hook a dog-leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 … Continue reading Here Are Things We Can Learn While Staying at Home

Why do you seek the living among the dead?

You may have heard about the man walking through his neighborhood one night when he saw a child inching along on his hands and knees beneath a streetlight. “What’s wrong, Jimmy? Did you lose something?” the man asked. “Yes,” whimpered Jimmy. “I dropped the dollar Mama gave me for ice cream.” Feeling sorry for the … Continue reading Why do you seek the living among the dead?