When loving well saved a life

“I think it is time to make a decision about taking your mother off of life support,” the doctor said. The brother and sisters looked at each other as those words sank in. They told the doctor they needed some time to think about it, being conflicted about which way to go. On the one … Continue reading When loving well saved a life

Making a case for a millstone

What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw a man sitting on top of a young boy, pinning him down, beating him with his fists? They both see you observing this horrific act. What would you do at this point? Some people would call 911, report the incident and drive … Continue reading Making a case for a millstone

Church leaders must also lead at home

It is a sobering exercise to read through the qualifications for leadership in the church that Paul lists in 1 Timothy 3. Sobering because the bar is set high for those who would be called by God to shepherd his flock. Sobering because those qualifications are so easily set aside by churches today. Sobering because … Continue reading Church leaders must also lead at home

Go see ‘Courageous’

Go see “Courageous.” It’s the latest film from Sherwood Pictures (Fireproof) and their finest yet, in my nonprofessional opinion. The writing is excellent. The action is intense. The portrayal of family life is real. I was laughing out loud one minute and trying not to weep loudly and disturb those around me the next. There … Continue reading Go see ‘Courageous’

Getting ready for church

As we work our way through 1 Timothy at Antioch, a letter Paul wrote to a young pastor 2,000 years ago, I marvel at how timely it is … and how practical. Paul addresses men and women in Chapter 2, giving encouragement to both sexes for how they are to prepare themselves for public worship. … Continue reading Getting ready for church

Prayer is a game changer

The chorus of the old song said, “Talk about me as much as you please; I’ll talk about you down on my knees.” We need to talk to men about God and talk to God about men. Any fool can gossip; men and women of God are called to pray. I was reminded of those … Continue reading Prayer is a game changer